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Plant Nursery


April '22

Choose from a vast array of vegetable seedlings to grow in your garden. 

£2.75 or 4 for £10

​Prices are subject to change

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April '22

Colourful annual bedding is available at Henleaze garden shop. There is dianthus, pansy, viola, cosmos and many more to choose from. Talk to our knowledgable staff members on how to plant a beautiful hanging basket or which plants will suit your garden.

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April '22

Acer trees have just been delivered and are looking beautiful. Come and take a walk around our yard to view them and talk to our knowledgable staff members to help find the right one for you.



March '22

Spring is finally here! Plants are growing and pollinators are pollinating! It is a busy time in the shop, with massive deliveries of new stock, several times a week. Come and find the perfect addition to your spring garden.

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Feb '22

Lush, vibrant, and colourful, summer bulbs have a long flowering season. They are low fuss and can be grown in most environments. 

A great option for filling the gap between bedding and shrubbery.

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Feb '22

Onions, shallots, and garlic are a kitchen favourite, wildly versatile and used in many foods, you'll be surprised by just how many varieties there are.

Visit our blog to learn more about growing these tasty plants.



Jan '22

This year we have 20 varieties of potato available in the shop, many more than you'll find in your local supermarket! How many do you recognise from our stock list?

As a staple of both kitchen and garden, there's plenty of reasons to grow your own this Spring. 

See our blog for a guide on planting your own potatoes.