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Apple Tree


September 2021

Fruiting and Ornamental trees are in stock at Henleaze Garden Shop! Whether you want beautiful flower and foliage or an excellent crop of apples, pears, plum or gooseberry - you will be able to find something here!

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September 2021

Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Iris and more can all be found at Henleaze Garden Shop come and choose bulbs for your spring boarders!

gardening tools


July 2021

Pay special attention to container plants, bedding plants and veggies. Liquid-feed tubs and baskets every two weeks if you haven’t already mixed in controlled-release fertiliser. Feed tomatoes, peppers and aubergines with a high-potash feed such as Tomorite every two weeks (also useful for feeding flowering annuals).


June 2021

Great selection of shrubs and climbers are instock. Come talk to our knowledgable staff on what would be best suitable to fill the gaps in your boarder.

Garden Gnome


May 2021

Do you have a particular plant in mind that you want to show case? Or a plant that needs a specific type of soil you dont have in your area? Come and choose from the wide selection of pots on offer in Henleaze Garden Shop yard.


May 2021

It is time to start planting your tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes up into larger pots to grow on in the greenhouse or polytunnel. Garden Shop grown plants are in the greenhouse at the front of the shop, come and choose which varieties you are going to grow on. 

TOMS £1.25 or 5 for £6

CUC| COUR| ETC. £2.45 OR 3 FOR £7

Prices are subject to change


May 2021

Herbaceous plants are beginning to make an appearance at Henleaze Garden Shop. Its time to start thinking about designing your jaw droppingly gorgeous borders!

Plant Nursery


April 2021

Choose from a vast array of vegetable seedlings to grow in your garden. 

£2.45 or 3 for £7 

​Prices are subject to change

Image by Rebecca Niver


April 2021

Colourful annual bedding is available at Henleaze garden shop. There is dianthus, pansy, viola, cosmos and many more to choose from. Talk to our knowledgable staff members on how to plant a beautiful hanging basket or which plants will suit your garden.

Image by Daniel Kim


April 2021

Acer trees have just been delivered and are looking beautiful. Come and take a walk around our yard to view them and talk to our knowledgable staff members to help find the right one for you.

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April 2021

The rhododendrons are in bloom and stocked at Henleaze Garden Shop. Come take a walk around our yard to see the vast array of different colours. An excellent evergreen addition to the garden.

Potatoes and Roots


Feb 2021

Potatoes are one of the staple plants of a spring garden, and there are many reasons to grow your own rather than supermarket stock. This year we will have over 20 varieties in stock, far more than the two or three you can find at a supermarket and all selected for quality rather than convenience!

Image by Timo C. Dinger


Feb 2021

Lush, colourful and vibrant, summer bulbs have a long flowering season. As the bulb stores energy they are low fuss, especially in the first year and can be grown in most situations. 

Fantastic at filling the gap between bedding and shrubbery.

Image by Sincerely Media


Feb 2021

Onions, shallots and garlic are a staple of the kitchen, wildly versatile and used in many foods it can surprise people just how many varieties there are and how different they can taste to the supermarket brands!