Why are you so special?

As you may know if you live locally, The Henleaze Garden Shop was founded in 1946 and since then has expanded to cover the properties of both 146 and

148 Henleaze Road. We have extensive land, for an in town garden centre, at the rear of both properties and are a lot bigger than you might think from the main road.

During the last 66 years we have evolved from a high street shop to a Garden Centre and expanded from just plant sales to retail of the majority of Garden

products including compost, fertilisers, tools, workwear watering systems, wooden fencing and trellis, glazed and ceramic pots, bird products and more

recently Pet foods and associated goods. Our aim is to be the In-town Garden Centre supplying the things you want in location thats near to you.

It follows of course that we are very dependant for our future profitability on our relationship with our customers. We are not one of the major Garden Centre

Chains that are coming to dominate the industry. We must react to what the customer wants and provide the product at a reasonable price while giving good

quality service and Gardening advice.

We will also try to make your time at the Henleaze Garden Shop an interesting one with new products, new plants and new ideas for the garden every season.