On this page you will find numerous links to organizations of intrest, garden articals and many other usefull sites to a gardener.

Garden Organisations:

RHS The Royal Horticultural Sociaty is a key player in the garden scean provideing courses, news and advice ideal for the casual gardener with a warm active forum community. Any garden enthusiasts who have not visited the website realy should as it provides for all levels of knolage and skill.

Soil Association


This charity is hevily involved in the organic and sustainable side of hortculture, provideing certification required to sell produce as 'organic'
Horticultural Trade Association The web page for the HTA is most likely of intrest only to retailers but I feel they deserve a mention on this page as the supplyers of the National Garden Token. Also of intrest near the bottom of the page are some links for more infomation on gift tokens and a directory of landscape gardeners!
BBC Gardening Whilst this site is a little out of date, the site itself is a wealth of infomation on plant maintainance such as pruneing and has a good pest and disease database. In addition there is an active message board where advice can be sought.
National Gardens Scheme NGS also known as the gardeners Yellow Book is a charity which lists private gardens within a local area where you can visit for a small charity donation, Ideal if you want ideas for a garden or just to visit on your day off.
Garden DIY This is a very useful page that will help many people thinking about buying/building their own garden sheds dealing with everything from makeing a proper base to fitting a roof and doors!